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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Places you can buy the book!

There are two book signings scheduled for now. One on December 5th at Caffe Santoro in Cameron Park; the second at Bogart's Coffee House on December 16th in Seal Beach. I also talked with an owner of the book store All About Recovery, her name is Angie and she is also going to carry the book.

I'm so excited about meeting and helping new people!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

getting ready for book signings

If you thought that you are finished with a book when you're done writing, your wrong! When I finish a piece of art, I hang it or deliver it to the new owner. It's done. I can enjoy it, but, as far at that particular piece is concerned, I'm done. With a book, finishing is just the beginning!

First, Lulu.com (the publisher I selected) does not offer distribution for the size I initially selected, so I gotta re-do the publishing part. This is completely my fault, btw, lulu has been awesome. They have not charged me for one thing extra and shipping has been very fast.

Next, comes signings. I want them to go very well and want to make sure that everyone that comes has a great time. So, of course, I'm putting lots of work into that part. Today I made a tablecloth to fit perfectly over the table I bought just for signings. I also ordered an instant camera so that I can give pictures of myself with readers when they buy a copy of my book. My head is spinning with "what to do next" and my printer just ran out of ink. So, I guess I need to give into my body and get some rest.

The creative process brings with it such an adrenaline for me, it's always been hard for me to pause once I'm on a roll. But, this project is a long-term one so I better pace myself.

Hope your creative endeavors are going well.