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To Walk In Your Own Footsteps is to follow your inner guidance toward the goals you wish to achieve. Finding your own way and fulfilling your vision for your life is to Walk In Your Own Footsteps.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blaze your own trail!

I'm overjoyed that my book is helping people already! I've received emails, texts and talked many people who are going through changes and need a guide to help with the process. This is exactly why I wrote the book and with every person who is helped, I am more committed to getting it out to the world so that many people can find their feet on their own path to fulfillment!

I've been thinking about how we are all on our own path, lately. Even when we walk side by side with a partner, we are experiencing our lives so very differently. It can be a shock to discover that the people with whom we share our lives do not see things as we do. That we may be happy with circumstances and events that don't inspire the same feelings as those around us. This gives us the opportunity to be a blessing in the lives of others when we choose to acknowledge the difference and offer space to those we love to blaze their own trail, as we walk our path.

I hope that as you make changes in your life, you feel empowered to step out of the routine you may have developed for yourself.