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Friday, May 13, 2011

Book signings, classes, flea markets, oh my

So much has been happening with the book that I haven't been on here much.

The next big event I'm planning is in McCloud for their big Flea Market on June 5th. I also have a book signing and free intro class scheduled at Journey Spiritual Center in Shingle Springs, CA. I'm so very happy to be meeting so many people who are on their road to creating the life they really want.

For me, art is a big part of that ideal life. For that reason, I've been working on art a lot lately. I'm really pleased to be offering a class for people to come and play with art with me! We'll be making tiny pieces of art called Artist's Trading Cards. Each participant with have the opportunity to create cards that reflect their journey and whatever inspires them! At the end of class, we'll see if anyone wants to trade. Otherwise, each person will take home their tiny treasure to be enjoyed and provide inspiration.

I would love to see hear from you if you're interested in coming to a class.

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